Site Cleanups

The liabilities from idle iron sitting on site after their lifecycle ends should be an ongoing concern. The decision to scrap and remediate is often put off because it's an expense with no ROI. We offer a solution to alleviate this burden through reducing it's time and expense. If you have equipment that can be salvaged, we can organize the decommissioning, teardown and eventually the transportation from your yard. We will take the “good” with the “bad”, leaving your site with the equipment completely removed. We will quote to remove the equipment, less any credit for the salvageable items, reducing your overall cost.

We are sensitive to company policies and procedures when dealing with our clients. If you have a site that requires equipment removal, please feel free to contact us to start the discussion.

Trilogy Cleanup

We were contacted by Trilogy because they had old equipment up north that needed to be sheared, scrapped then removed from the yard. This would have cost a substantial amount of money for them. Because they hired us, we were able to find salvageable equipment to credit back a large portion of the costs. Overall, the total cost to remove the equipment was close to breakeven for Trilogy!

You never know if an old piece of equipment may have some value to it. Give us a call to come by and take a look at your old storage yards or well sites.