Enlyn Corp. is a privately held corporation in the Oil and Gas Equipment manufacturing/supply industry servicing a domestic and international client base. We are dedicated to our clients at home and abroad to manufacture, source, refurbish/retrofit quality equipment to meet our customer's needs and specifications.

Piping, Vessels, Packaging

Enlyn Corp. has a registered Quality Management System for construction of Vessels and Piping. Anything from spool orders to larger sophisticated packages can be designed and manufactured entirely in-house. Our Quality Control Packages are among the best in the industry.


Rentals have become a noticeable segment within Enlyn as we've found many clients want to rent equipment until sites have proven feasible, at which point the equipment is either purchased or returned. We have expanded into rentals for Production Tanks and other service industry products over time.


Our wide network of buyers and sellers have been integral to the success of finding hard to source items for specific applications. Enlyn aggressively markets equipment on behalf of clients selling and keeps a comprehensive database of equipment availability worldwide for clients looking to purchase.

Inventory Management

Leveraging our experience brokering and manufacturing equipment, we have developed one of most user friendly and usable systems available for managing equipment. This system is utilized by our clients that require the ability to know every detail of the equipment they own, with the ability to integrate into our brokering and retrofit capabilities for equipment divestitures and modifications.