Case Studies

Vero “Lightly” Reconditioned Header Package

Vero needed a header package within days and didn't want to pay full price for new equipment. Accepting this challenge, we were able to source existing header piping and an existing building on a skid. Within days we had a fully tested and functional package ready for shipment. It may not have been the most attractive package leaving our shop, but it fit the application and arrived on time at less than a third the price of new.


First Choice Reconditioned P-Tank

First Choice was in the market for new tanks when we originally began talking with them. We eventually learned that their needs were for lower cost equipment that they could get into the field immediately generating revenues. We presented new vs. reconditioned options. After explaining our testing and reconditioning process with the benefits of substantial cost and time savings, First Choice decided to incorporate reconditioned equipment into their fleet growth strategy.

“… The team at Enlyn has excellent product knowledge. They were able to manufacture and source components quickly so our equipment was back in the field creating revenue.”
- Adam Snook, First Choice