8,000 BBL/D Crude Oil Refinery For Sale

Process Unit Capacities

The refinery consists of several process units within two Areas constructed in two separate phases during 1960 and 1989.

Capacities listed below are based on the last design point but reflect a reduced plant capacity.

Unit Capacity (B/SD)
Crude Distillation Unit 6,200
LSR Hydrotreater 3,000
Isomerization 3,000
BenSat 3,000
Heavy Nahtha Hydrotreater 3,200
Platformer 3,200
Merox 250
Boiler House 20,000 # / HR

To arrange a facility inspection, request additional data or discuss equipment relocation costs please contact Mark Rajher with Enlyn Process Systems or fill out the contact form below:

Inventory Unit Number: I-1526
Telephone: +1-403-885-9262

Please see MAJOR EQUIPMENT LIST for a detailed summary of all available equipment.

Enlyn is able to provide the equipment loaded on truck for February 2019 (pending decommissioning schedule).

Alternatively, Enlyn can offer the equipment with updated process design, mechanical engineering design / support for field construction and logistics to transport equipment to new site.

Ancillary Plant Equipment Available

  1. Product Metering Equipment
  2. Control Room Equipment
  3. PLC Cabinets
  4. MCC Switchgear
  5. Flare Stack
  6. Shop Equipment
  7. Office Equipment and Furniture
  8. Instrument Air
  9. Saskatoon Boilers for heat trace / building heat

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